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Staff App Template

In-Game Name:




Have you ever worked as a staff member for a gaming community before or currently?


What motivated you to apply for the role of a staff member for this particular community? (Please explain your reasons and what you think you can contribute to the community.)


How comfortable are you working with other staff members, developers?


Can you provide examples of your previous positions in a community management or staff role?


How would you handle a situation where a player was repeatedly breaking the rules or being disruptive in the community? (Please describe any strategies or techniques you have used in the past.)


Are you familiar with the rules and policies of the community?


Have you ever dealt with conflict resolution or mediation between members of a community? (If so, please describe your experience and any strategies you have used.)


Are you comfortable working with deadlines and milestones?


Do you have any questions for us or any additional information you would like to provide about your experience or qualifications?